My Next Camera?

Well I think I found my next camera:

Anyone want to buy it for me?  Its only about $35K  Why get an used Lexus?
Seitz Large Format Camera

Actually I have been very happy with my last camera purchase.  The last one was a Pentax *istDS. 

The image is from the Pentax Japan site.  I think its basically been discontinued in the US in favor of the *istDS2.  Really its the same camera but just has a large LCD.  I like it because I can use all of my old Pentax and Russian camera lenses on it.  Ithink I have 22 or so 35 mm cameras.  Most actually work.  They date from the mid 1930s to a Pentax ZX-5n. 

A nice fusion – 1960s Russian Industar Lens on a Modern digital SLR:

Not bad for a 1969 lens on a 2005 digital camera

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