Trip to San Jose

Well had to go to San Jose to do maintenance on a piece of equipment.  Our customer does not wish to do the work.  My niece says its my fault.  She says "well if you didn't build such scary machines maybe you would'nt have to go out there"  What do you think?


Well least I got sushi:

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8 Responses to Trip to San Jose

  1. Teho says:

    Well, beyond maybe replacing a faulty fan or two, I think I wouldn't want to do the maintenance either. I'm not afraid of wires-n-pliers, but I don't have any idea what I'm looking at.Never been to Sushi Afloat. Still want to go. Don't know the directions, though; do you know the way…?

  2. Lauri says:

    Yep, yep, scary is the word, I would say!And, how can you start an earworm with just five little words, TO! I dunno, but you did it!

  3. Lord Kalvan says:

    Teho,I will let everyone guess for a bit. BTW, the pictures are sideways but I don't think that will make a difference. I went to the Kazoo Sushi Boat in San Jose. Its on Jackson Street off of 1st Avenue. I took the light rail to the Japantown/Ayer station. Walk north to Jackson Street (1/2 block) and turn right. About 3 blocks down on the right. Its on a corner. They have two other restuarants somewhere. Also there is a nifty toy store called Farout Toys with all sorts of strange Japanese toys nearby.

  4. Teho says:

    I couldn't not do it, Lauri. If I hadn't, someone else would've.Lord K, you give me far too much credit for being earnest. Thanks, though; if do find my way to San José, I'll definitely look it up.

  5. Lurkertype says:

    Mr. LT guesses it's a radio transmitter? Whatever it is, he's very
    impressed with the whole thing, esp. the radiators and the rheostat.

    Sushi boats are a dime a dozen around here. You can't go wrong in
    Japantown, but some of the most amazing sushi places are tucked away in
    nondescript strip malls in the 'burbs.

    My test for restaurants is: am I the only person in here who isn't (ethnicity of food)? Probably good.

  6. Lord Kalvan says:

    Well no radio transmitter even though I play with them. This creature simulates a power line accident onto telephone or data lines. Basically its a variable voltage timed power supply. Up to 600 vac at 120 amps. 72 KVA. A typical house has a 48 KVA feed. This is what can come into your DSL or telephone line if things go wrong. The test is required by most U.S. service providers. Unfortunately for me, no one makes them anymore. My company was one of the last. Hence I have to maintain a few. We also do more severe tests. We have one lightning surge test at 100,000 amps.

  7. Lurkertype says:

    So, basically:


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