Should you call Smiling Bob

I was playing around a site called  Its basically a site where you enter all sorts of data about your self – physical traits, intelligence, career etc and it gives you a value.  I am not sure what the dollar amount really means but its fun.  So I entered my data and one question is quite personal for the guys.  Yep penis size.  They put a dollar amount on ye old unit.  Of course I had to go figure out what each size was worth.  So if you were think of going to a specialist, here's what a penis is worth:

  • No sizes less than 3 inches listed
  • 3 inch  $-15,000
  • 4 inch  $-5,000
  • 5 inch  $-1,000
  • 6 inch  $+1,000
  • 7 inch  $+5,000
  • 8 inch  $+15,000
  • 9 inch  $+10,000
  • 10 inch $-5,000
  • No sizes greater than 10 inches listed

Of interest is that a 5.5 inch penis yiled no additional value nor distracts from the value.  One assumes that is the average size.  Also one has to assume they are talking erect and not flacid.  As one would suspect, as the penis size goes down from the average, it supposedly distracts from the value of the male.  Likewise, as it goes up, it adds to the value.  That is until it exceeds 9 inches.   Pain? Interesting. 

Anyhow here's a graph of penis sizes done by Lifestyles in Cancun:

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3 Responses to Should you call Smiling Bob

  1. mariser says:

    [snortle] impressive research there, Lord K.!

  2. IG says:

    O.M.G. so did this site tell you your monetary worth?

  3. Lord Kalvan says:

    Well IG are you asking the total monetary worth or just a portion there of?

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