Virginia Tech and Such

Well I am going to bore you with a story which at first has NOTHING to do with the title.  A few years back we had an Ice Strom from HELL.  My definition of HELL does involve cold btw.  Anyway after the 3rd day without power we scored a generator.  So after working all day, I come home and make a pigtail cable for it in the dark in the freezing rain.  So what does this have to do with Virgina Tech and the unfortunate incident?  Well nothing and everything.  Radio talkshow hosts, people I know etc are saying why didn't they students jump Cho Seung-hui?  Afterall you are going to die if you don't, don't be a sheep etc.  Well one never knows how one will react in a particular situation etc.  Now back to my situation, I am I feel I am a fairly decent industrial electrician electrician etc.  So after spending about an hour fumbling in the total darkness (most of Lexington was without power) and freezing, I hook my generator up.  Now how does this tie in?  Well most normal warm people and me afterwards would have said "Why don't you run the generator to power a spot light while you do the electrical work?"  Basically, that's what I would have said.  But then I would not have spent 3 days without power, without heat and hot water either.  So when you say the students should have done more, were you THERE?  Were you being shot at?  Did you see your friends maimed and killed?  If not keep your fucking mouth shut!

Another thing:

Why am I bothered that President Bush spoke today at Virginia Tech?  Is it because he's responsible for 3300 U.S. deaths and   60,000 Iraqi deaths?  

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