QotD: I Turn My Camera On

What kind of camera(s) do you own?

It might be easier to say what I don't own. 

Partial list:

  1. Zenit 12XP, 1984 Russian SLR, M42 Screw Mount
  2. Zenit 122, 1993 Russian SLR, M42 Screw Mount
  3. Zenit 122K, 1990's Russian SLR, Pentax K-Mount 
  4. Zenit FS12, 1983 Photosniper – 300mm/F4.5 gunstock mounted
  5. Pentax K1000, late 1980's vintage Japanese SLR, K-Mount
  6. Argus CR-1, 1980's Japanese SLR – Chinon, M42 Screw Mount
  7. Zenit 3m, 1965 Russian SLR, M39 Screw Mount
  8. Zorki 6, 1961 Russian Rangefinder, M39 Leica Screw Mount
  9. Zorki 4K, 1975 Russian Rangerfinder, M39 Leica Screw Mount
  10. FED5, 1990's Ukrainian Rangerfinder, M39 Leica Screw Mount
  11. Yashica Electro, 1970's Japanese Rangefinder – aperture priority
  12. Argus C3, American 1930 – 1950's vintage Rangefinder
  13. Pentax ZX-5n 35mm SLR
  14. Pentax *istDS DSLR
  15. HP c900 Digital quasi SLR
  16. HP c200 digital point and shoot
  17. Mariser's Canon A540
  18. Zenit FS122, late 80s Photosniper – 300mm/F4.5 gunstock mounted

Or they might be Princess Hank's:


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3 Responses to QotD: I Turn My Camera On

  1. crankypants says:

    WOW! my first decent camera (after I outgrew my instamatic, haha) was a Yashica in 1984. That was a great little camera. Don't see the name around much…
    (and I think they are Princess Hank's btw…)

  2. Lord Kalvan says:

    The Yashica was also my first decent camera too. And yes they all belong to Princess Hank

  3. ddpool says:

    Oh, this is great! I love old cameras and collect them myself. I don't have one of the Yashica rangefinders, but I do have a Yashica 44 (twin lens, 127 film) and the Yashica Atoron sub-miniature camera. For years I did all my photography with an old Miranda G outfit!

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