Downtown “Beirut”

Well that's what everyone in Barquismeto calls it.  Basically a major utility and transit project right in the middle of the downtown business district.  Three years and counting.  Difference between the US and Venezuela is not the time but the fact that they decided to rip all the streets up at once.

Anyway, it was fun but we are at home and it was nice to see the kitty's

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4 Responses to Downtown “Beirut”

  1. Lurkertype says:

    yeah, that's got to be great for business.welcome back! I'm sure Hank and Steve are glad to have you back.

  2. IG says:

    har! sounds like manila. welcome back!

  3. Tito says:

    You were happy to see the kitties… were they happy to see the "humies"??

  4. little miao says:

    welcome home! the kitties must be overjoyed too.

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