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Welcome Dr. Pepper

Yes we have a new addition to the family.  Pepper.  Or Dr. Pepper.  Or Ninja Kitty.  My mom's cat.  Her other cats were cooperative and a family friend took them.  Pepper was not.  He went feral.  We paid the rent … Continue reading

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“Sputnik” Audio

Well, AO-51 did not make a "good" pass over Lexington on the 3rd.  Anyway, here is the wav file from the first pass over Lexington.  You can make out the signal about halfway through.  The second pass was better but … Continue reading

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Sputnik Lives!!!!!!

Actually, Amateur Radio Satellite AO-51 is going to recreate it by carrying its original telemetry and a special message for the 50th anniversary of its orbit.  If you have an Amateur Radio transceiver or Police Scanner you can tune in … Continue reading

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