Sputnik Lives!!!!!!

Actually, Amateur Radio Satellite AO-51 is going to recreate it by carrying its original telemetry and a special message for the 50th anniversary of its orbit.  If you have an Amateur Radio transceiver or Police Scanner you can tune in on 435.300 MHz.  There be several passes, check your location at Amsat.org.   From my past experience, when AO-51 is in high power mode, its easy to receive. No need for high gain antennas etc.  On October 3, listen between 2350-2358 UTC; on October 4, listen at 0127-0145 UTC, 0308-0326 UTC and 0452-0503 UTC (all times approximate).


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1 Response to Sputnik Lives!!!!!!

  1. Lauri says:

    That is SO cool!50 years! Yikes, how time flies!

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