The Most Asinine Thing I have Read Today

Repo man takes truck, with three children in it

From the Herald-Leader Newspaper in Lexington KY:

A man connected to a Nicholasville car sales lot has been charged with unlawful imprisonment after he repossessed a truck with the owner’s three small children still inside, police said Monday.

David W. Mahaffey, 44, of Nicholasville also was charged with operating the vehicle without a valid license.

“Mahaffey reportedly repoed the truck with three kids inside and drove away at a high rate of speed in a reckless manner creating substantial risk of physical injury to the children,” Nicholasville police said in a press release. “This was an outrageous act committed by this individual. There is no excuse for a situation like this to have occurred involving children.”

Police will continue to investigate to determine whether repossession laws were violated.

Mahaffey repossessed the truck from East Oak Street. Police said family members chased the vehicle, screaming at Mahaffey that the children — ages 9 months, 2, and 8 — were still in the truck. Witnesses also told police that the children were screaming “for the man to stop” and that Mahaffey was observed driving the truck in a very unsafe manner.

Officers found the truck on South Main Street, but Mahaffey had left the scene. Police located Mahaffey after talking to Blair Auto Sales employees.

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3 Responses to The Most Asinine Thing I have Read Today

  1. mariser says:

    how. fucking. disgusting.thankfully the kids are ok.and can someone explain why a repo man does not have a valid license?

  2. rpennefe says:

    Ugh. What an ass.

  3. Valerae says:

    All the repo peoples I've heard about are so nasty, but this one wins the prize for biggest asshole. 😦

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