Third Installment of “What Is Lord Kalvan Building?”

Well,  its an antenna mount for an amateur radio transmitter.  The stainless steel plate is for the ground plane of a vertical HF antenna.  The antenna is made by  New-Tronics and is called believe it or not : Hustler 4BTV.  It was given to me by a fellow ham.


Stevie appreciates that the antenna is now much farther from the Cat Pavilion.  He does read about RF Exposure issues:

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7 Responses to Third Installment of “What Is Lord Kalvan Building?”

  1. Brown Suga' says:

    Whoa! Interesting.

  2. Tito says:

    OH CRAP!In the wise words of Jim Diamond "I should have know better"!

  3. Lord Kalvan says:

    I am fairly happy with how it is working. It looks better than the old installation (clamped to a piece of scrap pipe hammered into the ground) and it seems to work good. I talked to Richard, KGZFV in the Outer Banks and William, N2WV in Florida this weekend. I text messaged via PSK31 modulation with Argelio Argelio, CO2AV in Havana Cuba on Sunday. So its been fun. Still more work to do. More ground wires to be run in the grass.

  4. Tito says:

    you are so cosmopolitan now….

  5. Lord Kalvan says:

    First time time I heard amateur radio referred to as cosmopolitan usually its referred to as that geeky thing 🙂

  6. Tito says:

    hahaha! couldn't tell.. I'm just nerdy! XD

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