The Cat Pavilion WebCam

Yep,  there's a webcam.  5 pictures for the last 5 minutes and 5 for the last 25 minutes.  Its crude and it locks up.

Cat Pavilion

System is a bit flakey still but least now I have the camera on auto balance.

Typical picture:


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9 Responses to The Cat Pavilion WebCam

  1. Cheech says:

    [esto es genial]

  2. Lord Kalvan says:

    Cheech, its temporarily down until I figure out why it keeps crashing.

  3. Lord Kalvan says:

    Well, cam's back for now until it crashes again. And I won't charge for the first 30 days…….

  4. Cheech says:

    Free to watch 😉 I'll be visiting this whole month then 😀

  5. Valerae says:

    Crap! I dunno how I missed this before. How do I prod the kitties to get them on camera? Can we link in a microphone from my computer so I can lure them with my high-pitched kittykittykittykitty cat call from my farm days? 😉 Very cool!

  6. Lord Kalvan says:

    Usually they are out there in the mornings but this morning we had 50 mph wind gusts so I think they are not spending much time out there.

  7. mariser says:

    heh to val. years ago we had only one cat, and a friend of ours, when he called and got the answering machine, would spend the 2-3 minutes calling "mew! miaomiaumiaumew, miaumeowmeow….". we came home several times to find the phone off the hook.

  8. Lurkertype says:

    We used to have one of these, about 10-12 years ago. For some reason, we were stunningly popular in Buenos Aires.

  9. Lauri says:

    Oh my word! That IS addictive!!! Both kitties are out there this morning! Great fun! 😀

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