I guess I will have to just drink beer

Well they have destroyed my street and blocked the road.

Actually can't complain.  The city is finally doing something about the seasonal lake we get.  Its about 5 houses down from us and every heavy rain creates about an 1/2 acre or more lake 1 foot deep.  At which point you must ford the lake as we live on a dead end street.  They are adding 9 catch basins in the low area to create an underground drainage basin.  Its all part of a larger project to replace the 1910 storm sewer system in our neighborhood.

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6 Responses to I guess I will have to just drink beer

  1. arbed says:

    They'd better not be blocking the two of you in tomorrow!

  2. Lord Kalvan says:

    If they do, I have 4 wheel drive…..

  3. Porphgyrl says:

    drink beer? sounds good to me.

  4. Lord Kalvan says:

    well they are still at it. apparently they are behind schedule and still trying to meet it. they worked last saturday. its almost 8 pm and there is still backhoes and such running about. almost got to spend about 1 hour listening to them cut a 18" concrete drain pipe in half with a gas powered diamond saw. interesting thing is our fair city has yet to notify us of the project.

  5. Porphgyrl says:

    Oh crap, I know how you feel; even though it's been cool here during the night lately, we've had to keep the windows closed and the air on, because the highway has night work, state enginereed of course, and the paving trucks and such are too loud to sleep through at 3 am.

  6. Lord Kalvan says:

    Paving project, ugh. the fresh asphalt smell is no fun. We live on a dead end street so we are not used to any traffic let alone heavy equipment. To top it off, we got 2 firetrucks and an ambulance. One of the workers got hurt. But apparently not too bad as he refused treatment. Its finally quiet.

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