Ancient Lens on Modern Camera

Friends father was cleaning out his garage and I ended up with a very tired Rolliecord (Ia Model 3 – Model K3).  It was made from 1938 to 1947. Since the lens is a Carl Zeiss Jena,  that would indicate 1945 to 1947.  Now what to do with a unrepairable post war camera?  Mount the lens on my Pentax *istDS DSLR.  Now How?

A Rolleicord (not mine) and a the lens


The necessary pieces (body cap before and after machining by yet another friend and extension tubes and Kmount to screw mount adapter)


And a picture:

50 years difference between the camera and lens!

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8 Responses to Ancient Lens on Modern Camera

  1. Lauri says:

    That is simply amazing!And you found film and everything?!

  2. Lauri says:

    PS, love the banner!!! Two kitties from centuries apart! 😉

  3. Lord Kalvan says:

    Actually no film. Film is available for the Rollie but the camera body was in too bad of shape to use. So I had a friend make me the mount I designed to put it on my Pentax Digital SLR.

  4. Lord Kalvan says:

    Just looked up the bronze kitty, from 600 or so BC. What I love is how similar they are. Not much has change in 20 centuries

  5. Lauri says:

    Wow!It is SO cool that you could take that picture with all the parts from various times in technology. Very cool!!!

  6. Lauri says:

    :DSince nothing has had to change in 20 centuries, I assume that means that cats are just perfect as they are! They can't evolve any more?

  7. Lord Kalvan says:

    Indeed perfection. Interesting thing is the housecat is so perfect it considered a super-predator by some biologists. And they purr too!

  8. Lauri says:

    Lol!Now I want another kitten.My daughter's cat, Murray, brings home all kinds of interesting prey. Snakes, frogs, shrews, voles, mice. I always feel bad for the little dudes….and we do keep him indoors at night…I'm sure the takes would be much higher if he were out at night.

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