There is not enough profanity in the English language

Almost two years ago Flight 5191 took off on the wrong runway at Bluegrass Airport in Lexington Ky.  49 people died on the morning of August 27, 2006.  A multitude of errors lead to the plane taking off on the closed runway.  Our fine government recognized that it was not all pilot error and instituted some changes.

From the Lexington Herald-Leader:

Last month, the FAA announced a series of runway safety initiatives designed to avoid the types of conditions that led to the Lexington crash. Those measures include installing more than $400 million worth of runway status lights at major airports that would warn pilots when it is unsafe to cross or enter a runway. The agency expects to award a contract this fall to install the runway light systems at 22 large airports over the next three years. Lexington isn't on the list.

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9 Responses to There is not enough profanity in the English language

  1. crankypants says:

    Wow. that IS fucked up. Holy crap, that is awful!

  2. Lord Kalvan says:

    Its mind boggling. Truly fucked up. I just don't have the words for it. Of course it makes flying out of Lexington fun. Landing has always been fun as the runway does not meet current FAA safety standards for landing larger planes.

  3. Lauri says:

    Well, shit, that's a real jaw-dropper. What.the.hell???

  4. Lord Kalvan says:

    Well I guess Lexington just doesn't count for the FAA. We serve as a good example and that's all. The airport has had some real control tower issues. Two of my coworkers were taking flying lessons during this time. Before the crash one told me that he had clearance to taxi and then a 737 backed out of the terminal in front of him. My other coworker on her first solo flight had the controller bump her landing 3 times and have her move farther from the airport. She had asked for and was granted clearance to take off circle and land. The controller knew she was a student pilot and by her request knew she was on her first or close to first solo. So what doe he do, push her out of sight from the airport. Both my friends told me the layout of the runways are confusing. Mind you they are in Cessnas and can actually see better and can take off from both runways.

  5. Valerae says:


  6. mad-tante says:

    [bastard-fucks]I coined that yesterday and the coworkers seem to like it, never having heard it before. I think it applies to the bastard-fucks involved in that fine decision-making.

  7. Cap'n Crook says:

    Yep. That sounds like our government.

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