Friendly “We Screwed You” – Update

About 20 minutes ago we were doing our normal before meal net surfing when everything stopped.  Seemed weird.  I picked up the phone and no dial tone.  I get suspicious,  is the phone line and thus DSL repped off the house by a truck again?  No.  Maybe its the upgrade to the DSL I ordered?  Sure enough a friendly Vicky from Windstream called.  She wanted to check to make sure the phones work and that I ha my new modem.  Well the phones work but I don't have the the modem.  The upgrade wasn't scheduled until the 4th.  Hmm,  she says.  She asks if my ISP is Iqlou.  Yep.  Welll I am screwed she says (in a much nicer way).  But if the modem is not here by the time I get home tomorrow she will send someone over with it.  Did it occur to them to check first?  Was the phone call sort of cyber reach around?  Now I am resorting to stealing my neighbors wireless from the only place I have signal.  My front porch.

Well we finally got DSL back yesterday.  Multitude of problems.  Early switchover, misconfigured DSLAM and a bad DSL modem (supplied by the ISP).   So after 4 trips from work home and two trips by Windstream and multible calls to the ISP (Iglou) we got it straightened out.  And I still have some hair left.

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