We were cited for Code Violations on our house

Yep,  got the letter from Code Enforcement.  We are are in violation of the "International Property Maintenance Code of Lexington-Fayette Urban County."  We have 30 days to remedy the issue lest we be prosecuted. Furthermore,  we can not sell or lease the house unless the buyer or leasee agrees to fix the issue.

Yep, we have 30 days to replace our house numbers!  The ones on the house are 2 inches high.  They are required by law to be between 3 and 12 inches high.

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19 Responses to We were cited for Code Violations on our house

  1. dewitte says:

    Astounding!I was in Ohio a few years ago for Christmas and I picked up the local paper. The "new" code-enforcer-dude had cited a bunch of people for having "heavy equipment" in their yards. They were all landscapers who kept their equipment at their homes, which doubled as their businesses. Some of them had been in operation for the last 20 years and the laws weren't new – just the guy. I hate when that happens.I'd say, get some 3 and 7/16" and see what happens. (but that's because I'm a rebel)

  2. Lord Kalvan says:

    I would do something like 2 and 15/16ths just to see if they measure but I really don't want them paying too much attention to my property.When I opened I had to read it several times to make sure they were complaining about just the damn numbers (been up for 6 years). I have been on the wrong side of code enforcement before. I made the former mayor look bad before the Planning and Zoning committee. So I do know the code. So I guess my weekend project is new numbers.

  3. IG says:

    LOL! I'm sorry…what? This madness is limited to just Lexington, right?

  4. Lord Kalvan says:

    IG, its everywhere, they will be out in your front yard with measuring tapes.

  5. jaypo says:

    You know why, don't you? Because of an aging population. It's that much less money spent on cops looking for old doddards who can't see their house numbers to get home. It should save hundreds of dollars in the municipal coffers.

  6. Lord Kalvan says:

    So I would be doing a service to the City. I could be a Hero. Maybe run for office?

  7. jaypo says:

    AND… You'd be able to find your way home after fundraising gigs at the fire station! ;-PYou're *our* special hero, anyway, Lord K.

  8. Porphgyrl says:

    Are you f**king kidding me?? numbers? OMG. I'd laugh hysterically. I've been on the wrong side of code enforcers many times – it took until one of the 'officers' realized he could get parts for his antique car from my husband, that he finally stoppped busting our chops. Suddenly it was OK for my husband to keep all his old cars on our property. hmmm.
    On the serious side, numbers have to be a certain size, so 911 responders can see them in the dark.

  9. IG says:

    Thank you. Mr. IG and I were just about to go shopping for lamps to put out front — you know the electrical kind that mount on the side of the house? Or else a tall, lamppost-type thingie? But I bet that would have gotten us arrested… Eep!

  10. arbed says:

    "International" code, even….

  11. Lord Kalvan says:

    Go for it, we will bail you out.

  12. Lord Kalvan says:

    And the "international" code states that "All repairs, corrections, maintenance work, alterations, or installations required to correct code violations shall be done in an acceptable, workmanlike manner."

  13. Porphgyrl says:

    Oh good grief. where my mom lives, the numbers also have to be spray painted on the curb out in front of the house – that means 2 sets.
    In case the ambulance driver can't see the mailbox or house numbers??

  14. mariser says:

    I guess the funnest/saddest about the entire episode is that our house numbers have been there for… 12 years or so.no complaints, no city letters, no code violations for that entire time….how irresponsible of the city! we could have had an emergency and the EMTs would have been unable to get to us. … maybe we should sue.

  15. Laurie says:

    My sister worked for the post office in the city where I'm from, and she had to handle the calls from people who didn't want any house numbers sullying up the front of their houses. Any argument about 911 services finding them never swayed them. Then her boss told her to ask them "hey, how's the pizza delivery place going to know where to bring the food?" That always changed their minds.

  16. Valerae says:

    Oh for fuck's sake. So I take it you never saw the mystery city code enforcer staking out the 'hood with his ruler?

  17. Lord Kalvan says:

    Never saw the mystery dude but got his name. Kemper. Anyway I talked to him today and the only thing he found when they were abusing the students (enforcement sweep before the first home game) was my letters. Which means one of two things. He doesn't know his job or they are looking at on cosmetic things seen from the street. Don't look in my back yard….

  18. Cheech says:

    I'm waiting for the picture of the numbers!I might have them in one of your pics, but I'm not sure…You should post "before" and "after" pics :PSorry to hear you got this much trouble for such a weird issue. And yup, worst part is like Marisa said, it's been like that for so much time.

  19. Lord Kalvan says:

    Really hasn't been too much trouble I suppose. Just weird that they went to the entire legal process over something this small. I corrected the problem at a cost of approximately $5 U.S. Probably cost the city much more by the time you cound manpower etc. I will post pics later. The before pics are in my Flickr accound under B&W. Numbers are clearly visible.

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