Morning Visitor

Found her in the bathroom sink.  Princess Hank was sent to dispatch her.  Afterwards I could only find 1 leg….


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6 Responses to Morning Visitor

  1. jaypo says:

    It's just a leetle daddy long legs. Poor spidey. Happy Hank.

  2. Lurkertype says:

    Spideys get killed here, but daddy long legses get to live b/c they kill the ants that we're infested with. DLL's only get killed if they lose a fight to TK.

  3. Lord Kalvan says:

    Hank sat in the sink for 1/2 hour afterwards. I think she was happy.

  4. Lord Kalvan says:

    Spideys usually don't get killed by the biped housemates here. Now the quadped housemates have no such compassion for the spideys.

  5. jaypo says:

    Either that or she was waiting for seconds.

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