NaBloPoMo – Cameras – Argus CR-1

Next on the list is my second 35mm.  This one is an Argus.  Not sure of the model number.  I got it when I was in high school I believe.  Its made by either Chinon or Cosina.  Argus was just a marketing company at this point.   I believe its a Chinon and was labeled as an Argus CR-1. Anyway it uses a Pentax M42 screw mount which is just about as universal of a lens mount as you can get.

Nevertheless,  its in bad condition.  I took a spill down some icy steps at WKU on my way to work as a pizza delivery driver after photography class.  That ended my consideration of a Photojournalism minor.  Could not afford another camera delivering pizzas. Besides I was already on my way to a history minor and a physics minor. Anyhow,  it was originally satin with black leatherette.  I started repairing it and quit.

A pic from a Japanese website:

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1 Response to NaBloPoMo – Cameras – Argus CR-1

  1. Lord Kalvan says:

    it was a nice camera. I should finish fixing it sometime.

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