NaBloPoMo – Cameras – Zorki 4

Switching back to KMZ for the remainder of the Soviet portion of our tour, we have a Zorki 4 rangefinder.  The Zorki 4 was a modernization of the earlier designs.  It boasted simpler controls, a single combined rangefinder/viewerfinder and a removable back.  It was produced in large numbers (1.7 million) for many years (1956 to 1973).

This example was produced in 1970 with a Jupiter 8 lens.  The lens serial number starts with a 01 and it has the KMZ logo.  But it does not follow the KMZ convention of the first 2 digits indicating the year of production.  It was not made in 1901 or 2001.  Most likely it was a warranty replacement.  I received it on the camera with a FED lens cap.

Another photo showing the detachable back.  Mouch easier than bottom loading.

And finally the museum curator checks on the collection.

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