NaBloPoMo – Cameras – Polaroid – Medium Format

Again 3 medium format cameras.  What you say?  Yes traditional Polaroid Land cameras are medium format cameras.  Quite good ones at that.  Unfortunately,  times have changed and Polaroid went bankrupt and the name sold.  The holding company decided to cease production of film as of this year. 

In this picture is a 450 folding Polaroid and an One Step Polaroid.  The 450 was given to me by my company after it was of no use.  The 450 was produced from 1971 to 1974.  Which begs the question of how it ended up in the lab which did not exist until the 1980s.   The One Step,  Mariser and I bought brand new.  It was produced in the late 90s and maybe into this century.

The next is a Polaroid 100.  I believe it might be the camera I have owned the longest (lost all of my 110s).  It was given to me by my uncle in the 1970s.  It was produced from 1963 to 1966 and retailed for $164.95.

Unfortunately,  the film issue is not at all good for some models of the Polaroids.  The integral film 600 film (not peel apart) for cameras like the One Step is no longer available.  Fuji makes  pack film (peel apart) for the folders and  film backs for other cameras.  Perhaps they will expand their line?

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