Camera Batteries – CR-V3 Lithium

One of the BestBuys in Lexington KY is putting a two pack of CR-V3 Duracell batteries on clearance at $3.99 each. The regular price was 12.99. Other stores have them higher. This was at the Hamburg location. I do not know if its at all stores or not. I know most the Pentax DSLRs use them. Not sure about other cameras.

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2 Responses to Camera Batteries – CR-V3 Lithium

  1. yeah my older Kodak digital camera uses this same kind of battery. Maybe I should check stores here in the St. Louis area to see if any stores are putting the same batteries on clearance. I usually try to get a lot of my batteries on clearance because a lot of the times they are just on clearance because they are just changing the packaging not because they are outdated.

  2. Lord Kalvan says:

    The ones I got actually had a use before 2017 date on them. So I don't think they are outdated.

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