NaBloPoMo – Cameras – Pentax *istDS

The last camera on our odyssey is a Pentax *istDS.  The Pentax *stDS was the lesser brother of the Pentax *istD.  Not much difference between the two.  Both used the same sensor but the *istD had a few more functions and used compact flash instead of Secure Digital.  The original *istD camera was based on the second generation of the *ist film camera which was never released.  The *istDS was based on that.

The *istDS utilized a Sony 6 megapixel sensor same as all the early Pentax DSLRs.  It had a Kmount lens with standard back spacing and thus could use every lens Pentax had made in addition to almost every screwmount lens too.  It was announced in 2004 and discontinued after the almost identical *istDS2 was introduced in 2005. The major difference between the two being the size of the display screen (2" versus 2.5").  The *istDS was discontinued quickly as Pentax needed the remaining supply of 2" screens for the *istD cameras.

I purchased my *istDS in 2005.  I have taken many pictures with it and all of the NaBloPoMo pictures except this one obviously.  I have used everything from the included kit lens to antique Russian lenses with it.

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