Happy New Years

Posted 1 day early in case I can't post tomorrow.  And if you don't follow the Gregorian Calendar:

Julian:                           Wednesday, December 19, 2008
Islamic:                         Muharram 4, 1430
Hebrew:                        Teveth 5, 5769
Mayan Long Count:
Mayan Haab:               13 Kankin
Mayan Tzolkin:            10 Oc
Hindu Solar:                 Dhanu 17, 5109
Hindu Lunar:                Pausha 5, 5109
Coptic:                        Kiyahk 23, 1725
Ethiopian:                    Takhs'as' 23, 2001
Japanese Kyureki:        Taian, Shiwasu 6, 2008
Jalaali:                         Dey 12, 1387
Chinese:                      Cycle 78, Year Wu-Zi (25), year 2008, month 12, day 6
Thai                             1 มกราคม 2552

If there are any errors or omissions,  let me know

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2 Responses to Happy New Years

  1. mariser says:

    v comprehensive.
    Takhs'as' 23 !

  2. Lauri says:

    *studies list and shakes head* Nope, no errors!Lol! Very interesting and Happy New Year to you, too! 😀

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