My doctor is trying to kill me

Or at least make me worse so she gets more office visits.  Actually not,  it just seems that way.  Anyway I went to Dr. Kitten over a sinus infection that will not go away.  My SO calls her Dr. Kitten as when I had a appointment on Halloween,  she (the doctor and not Mariser) was wearing cat ears. I call her that too now (well not within her hearing).  Dr. Kitten confirms that I have a URI indeed.  And she prescribes me a OTC cocktail of Guaifenesen and Pseudoephedrine otherwise known as MucinexD.  Both work well.  The Guaifenesen, an expectorant works too well.  I am coughing up so much crap,  I start to cough up blood.  Nice bright red blood from where my throat was so irritated.  So I quit taking it and finally get some sleep.  Now I think, I should I least take take the pseuoephedrine.  Of course buying pseudoephdrine is like buying illicit drugs.  Least that what it appears to be.  Thanks to the meth heads, we can't easily buy it in KY.  Its still OTC but you must buy it from a pharmacist and show ID.  Also you are limited to how much you can buy.  So I had to go through the hoops and have the pharmacist pull my record up to make sure I had not bought more that 9 grams in 30 days  or 3.6 grams in the last 24 hours.  Least the computer did the calculations for her.  So I am now up to 1.8 grams for the 30 days.

The grand total of the psuedoephedrine only tablets : $2.85.  Damn alot of work for me and the pharmacist to spend less than $3.  Can I even get a Starbucks coffee for that?

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4 Responses to My doctor is trying to kill me

  1. Valerae says:

    I ended up finally giving up on taking claritin-d daily b/c I was tired of jumping through hoops to prove I wasn't going to boil it in my home chemistry set. Instead I walk around with perpetually stuffy sinuses. Regular Mucinex is the bomb though, that's become my common cold drug of choice.The first time Mr. Val visited his current doc was on Halloween and she also had kitty ears. It was incredibly hard to take her seriously.Feel better soon. You and Mariser must be having a ball.

  2. mad-tante says:

    About guaifenesen:Nobody wants to hear this and even less (negative people?) want to do it but when you're taking it, you should be drinking enough water so that you have to pee every hour.It does a fan-damned-tastic job but if you're drinking that "right amount" of water, it'll do even better and you'll get relief quicker. I'm not a medical professional but I've known lots of "old RNs" (my term for RNs who've worked for over 20 years and know their shite better than any doctor w/ whom I've spoken). They told me this and I never followed their instructions because it was a PITA but a few years ago, I was in such misery and couldn't get it cleared up that I did. Worked just as they said it would. You'll probably only have to do the Pee-Pee Tour 09 for a few days to get the bulk of that stuff movin' and groovin' outta there. Then, just be sure to "get enough fluids." "Enough" on guaifenesen is more than you'd ever dream.Feel better!

  3. Lurkertype says:

    If you're not using the guaifenisen, send it to me. I'll live in the damn bathroom with a water cooler. The stuff used to be cheap and generic and now it's hard to find and expensive.Send the Sudafed to Val, I can't tolerate it any more. I used to be able to take it any time of day, but now if I do, I act like I've done the meth instead. I had to have stuffy sinuses during Mom's funeral b/c that beat babbling and being unable to sit still.

  4. Lord Kalvan says:

    Lurkertype, unfortunately the guaifenisen have is combined with psuedoephedrine (sudafed). probably is now a federal crime to ship it.

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