Waiting for the Trees to Break


Taken at 5:00 PM,  more ice now and still going…..

and Later:

Front yard at 9:15 PM

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9 Responses to Waiting for the Trees to Break

  1. Morgat says:

    I hate ice!!! Stay safe!!!

  2. Lord Kalvan says:

    Posted a couple more pics.

  3. I hope you do not have to go anywhere right away. I also hope you do not loose power. Stay safe and warm

  4. Lauri says:

    OH!The beauty of those pictures!!!How can beauty and destruction go so "hand in hand". Ha…it's the "balance" thing, isn't it?

  5. IG says:

    Oh my GAWD. Please tell me you don't have to walk around on that! I think I'd just hide until spring. Of course I haven't looked outside for hours and hours. It may be just like that here for all I know…Have you been listening to the news chatter about falling trees? Do you really expect it to happen at your place? :-S

  6. Lord Kalvan says:

    IG, yeah, I expect trees all across Lexington to fall. I keep hearing small branches fall nearby. I expect by morning it will be the big branches if not trees.

    Actually our stree used to be lined with 50 to 60 foot Sycamores. Now over half are gone. Ice from 2003 and droughts killed them. Ice Storm – 2003Don't have to be out tonight in the ice.

  7. lauowolf says:

    I hate it when trees break.Beautiful photo, but – ouch – the poor trees.

  8. DKN says:

    Pretty! Destructive, yes, but PRETTY!!

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