Is Caturday and here’s 200+ pages of them

Universal-Radio in Reynoldsburg Ohio is where I buy alot of my radio equipment.  They have cats:

"Why do you have office cats?
Central Ohio, like many other places, has a large population of stray and feral homeless cats. The original five cats we have showed up shortly after our building was constructed in 1992. They decided they liked living indoors better than outdoors. They are a big happy family that we don't want to break up. All are spayed or neutered and have their own room to sleep in at night. In more recent years
Grayson, Baby Cat, Boomer, Claire, Celeste, Bindy and Celia have joined the Universal cat family."

They even have a contest – "Find Grayson".  Find him on a page first and get a free prize.  THey have pics of thier cats, employee cats and customer's cats.  200+ pages

The Cats Page

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3 Responses to Is Caturday and here’s 200+ pages of them

  1. Porphgyrl says:

    Oh my freakin' god, this is hilarious. And I thought I liked cats.

  2. Lord Kalvan says:

    and its ham radio operators at that. not exactly your stereotypical cat ladies

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