Yet More Storm Damage

The Bluegrass Amateur Radio Society lost their antennas with the high winds in Kentucky on February 11.

The antenna mast is located at the Central Kentucky Red Cross Center.  The Red Cross provides space for the club and the club then can provide emergency communications for the Red Cross.  Unfortunately,  they can't right now and the antennas must come down.  The club can't remove the antennas themselves due to liability issues.  Its over the Red Cross building.  So the non-profit club helping another non-profit group has to pay $1500 for removal in addition to the loss itself.

I was going to link to the BARS site,  but alas to add insult to injury,  there site has been hijacked.

UPDATE:  THe site was not hacked but the webmaster had copied a template or someones site over to start a new look.  All of a sudden it had information about a girl in Miami.


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3 Responses to Yet More Storm Damage

  1. lauowolf says:

    that's awful all around

  2. Lord Kalvan says:

    Their site is I can't even figure the language out. Google thinks it might be Esperanto.

  3. dewitte says:

    Maybe they'll raise more money by having girls from Miami on the site?

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