“We’re regular people”

John Calipari,  the new head basketball coach at the University of Kentucky, stated "We're regular people".  In the same Lexington Herald-Leader article,  it stated Calipari's bought their 7,000-square-foot home in Memphis for  $1.49 million in 2000.   The median house price in Lexington is $155,500.  The median income is $59,193.  He's going to be paid 3.7 million his first year here.  Yeah, regular people.

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2 Responses to “We’re regular people”

  1. jaypo says:

    He must be changing the local economy all on his own. Not in a good way.

  2. Lord Kalvan says:

    Well he gets millions and the faculty and staff didn't even get cost of living pay raises.

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