Garden Yeah!

Put a garden in this week.  6 tomato plants (cherry, grape and pear), 2 cucumber and 8 pepper plants of various hot varieties.

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3 Responses to Garden Yeah!

  1. mariser says:

    grow, little tomatoes, grow!can't wait.

  2. mad-tante says:

    Your tomatoes are coming up much better than ours. Last year, we had really good tomatoes but they were all smaller than they should've been…previously, we had 6 years of drought and that was a problem but this year, who knows?!They're dying small. I'm wondering if we don't have some sort of blight 😦

  3. Lord Kalvan says:

    well the tomatos are actually overgrown seedlings. So I have not much to do with them. I think we may have lost two plants today (pepper and cucumber). It came a monsoon and beat the daylights out of them

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