Pure Assinine Behavior

A lady formerly not a female got into some trouble in the state south of here:

The Montgomery Sheriff's Department spokesman Ted Denny told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Rittenberry is being housed with men and was patted down by both male and female officers because Rittenberry has breasts and male genitalia.

So you just decided to pat her down twice?  Let everybody get a grope?  And to add injury to insult,  lets invalidate her marriage while we are at it. the headline:

Tenn. invalidates marriage of transgender couple

Original article here.  And yes she had her birth certificate and drivers license changed to female.  She clains she did have SRS.  But whether or not she did,  isn't that private medical information?

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4 Responses to Pure Assinine Behavior

  1. arbed says:

    Odd about having the surgery but still having males parts. However, that aside, my favourite line from the article is this (my bolding):Tennessee does not permit same-sex marriage and does not recognize gender change even after sex reassignment surgery.Ummm, hello?

  2. Lord Kalvan says:

    Well, as far as the boy bits, how do you define them? IE how big can a clitoris be before it is a penis? And should we have someone in a jail deciding that. And yes Tennessee is indeed showing their true colors in not recognizing SRS

  3. arbed says:

    Yep, that's why I find it interesting. I believe I've heard stories in the past about people who were examined and it still couldn't be determined which sex they were (that might be from the Olympics or some other sport-type thing). But the fact that she had the surgery, I would think that should imply everything is recognizable (after all, that's what they had the surgery for in the first place). Then, of course, you get into the story of the guy who gave birth to his own kids because although he'd had the surgery, he kept his inner female bits. Many thin lines in this kind of situation. I mean, at what point do you stop? Do you make sure the doctor's letter is legit before issuing the new identification? If the ID is then issued legitimately, i.e lawfully, how on earth can it be unacceptable?I wonder how it was discovered there were male genitals? Did a woman do the pat-down, then discover the genitals and promptly pull away? Perhaps that explains why a second pat-down was done – to complete the process. Part of this probably boils down to bad reporting/writing skills because there is ambiguity (no pun intended, honest) in the story. And don't mind me, I'm playing devil's advocate for the most part. I think the situation is horrible, especially with that line I bolded.

  4. Waterbaby says:

    "So you just decided to pat her down twice? Let everybody get a grope?" No. Procedurally it makes sense for a female officer to pat down the female portions and the male officer the male portions. Also this way they're covering themselves legally.

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