Investigation of Installing a Mini-ITX Motherboard in an IBM PCjr

Brought a new motherboard.  Its a mini-ITX form factor Intel Atom based board.  Do I put it in the old case or something interesting.  The IBM PCjr seems like it might be a good choice.  There is space for a DVD drive inplace of the 5 1/4 floppy.  It is an Intel based life-form so it seems right and there would be something funny to see XP boot on a PCjr.

Posted on the Classic Computer mailing list to see how big of sin it would be to hack one up:

You, sir, are going to hell.

Peanuts are not that rare, but why gut one?


As much as I love my peanut collection, they are not totally that rare.
 If you have one that isn't functional, we (the few people who love and
collect PCjrs) would forgive you for turning one into a modern computer.

So how feasible?  One would want to keep the outward appearance as little altered as possible with the least amount of cutting

So far so good,  lots of room

With the drive carrier in place,  not so good.

Yeah,  about 1/4 inch overlap.  Could I move the board to the left?

Would have to cut the case reinforcements out.  bummer 

So for now,  no supped up IBM PCjr.

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3 Responses to Investigation of Installing a Mini-ITX Motherboard in an IBM PCjr

  1. mariser says:

    the IBM PCJr. brings fond memories of Oliver Wendell Jones's beloved (though temperamental) Banana Junior 6000Good morning Mr. President. Shall we dust Moscow?

  2. mad-tante says:

    Wish you'd fix my Apple iBook g4…I've got to get around to that. Just when I was ready to start, my life went flaky.

  3. Lord Kalvan says:

    bring it over and I will have a look at it…..I probably go with a more generic case. has lots of nifty homemade cases and such. But I am now leaning toward a 1RU rackmount case (assuming I win the Ebay auction). Either that or a cardboard box.

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