Major Bummer

Neighbors today were doing yard work.  No big deal,  cutting the bamboo.  Previous neighbor had planted it and it had grown nicely along the property line.   Came home from work to find it all gone!  Not just on their side but on ours too.   They came onto our property and cut it all but maybe 3 or 4 stalks.   The line is fairly evident,  there is a fence part of the way.  And this was not a small incursion,  it was a 10 foot by 15 foot patch of our bamboo cut down. The neighbor apologized when I told her I was very unhappy.  She said she had asked her brother to cut the bamboo and he just assumed I didn't like it either.  What type of person just  assumes what he does not like the next person also does not like?  She asked what she could do?  I told her nothing now.  Its gone.  Yeah it will grow back but that will take time.   And besides whether or not its temporary is not the point.  They came into our yard and destroyed our plants.

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13 Responses to Major Bummer

  1. Lauri says:

    [This is not good]Oh, I would be very very upset, too. What an intrusion and invasion of personal space. Urgggggggh. I will now go out and water my hostas and send out loving thoughts to your lost bamboo. 😦

  2. crankypants says:

    Wow, I'd be pissed. why would you assume that it was okay to go onto someone's property anyway? and did they know that YOU hadn't planted it? people. they just stink.

  3. IG says:

    That's horrible. I'm so sorry. People suck. 😦

  4. Aubrey says:

    Trespass! Someone needs a citizenship card to the Litigation Nation!
    I'm so sorry the bamboo has been cut down – is there anything that can be put in its place (and if the neighbor had any sense of guilt at all, they'd be contributing the $$$)?

  5. Lord Kalvan says:

    The neighbor did apologize alot and did offer to plant more bamboo. It should grow back on its own and I just walked way in the end.

  6. jaypo says:

    What an idiot, dumb as a stump. That hurts. And yeah, the neighbor could at least offer some $$ compensation in case you wanted to re-plant.

  7. lauowolf says:

    Hey, my idiot neighbor hires hires really odd people.Street people.Drug addicts.Nuts.(One of them was building pipe bombs in the back of his house, and the bomb squad came by to dispose of it. That odd)One of his "workers" was trimming his front hedge, and spaced out.She continued on down from his boxwood shrubs and butchered my rose bushes about eight feet along the front of my house before I looked out and saw her.She was stoned out her her gourd when I went out to stop her."I don't want to deal with this," she muttered and walked off.Neighbors.Sigh.Bamboo should come back pretty strong from the roots.You could offer it some plant food.And water it a bit.What Jaypo said.Dumb as a stump.

  8. crankypants says:

    I guess they trashed it too so you can't make your own pappasan chairs, either.

  9. mad-tante says:

    That suck, I'm so sorry. Booger-eaters.

  10. Lord Kalvan says:

    They actually did not trash it. Cut it down at the base and stacked it. A coworker had wanted some to make fishing poles for a boy scout troop. We had chatted a couple of days ago about selectively thinning it out. Anyway, he came by and got as much as he wanted.

  11. crankypants says:

    Well, that's cool!

  12. But now if pandas roam through your yard, they won't have anything to eat!

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