A true WTF Matey Moment

At work today, we had been trying to return some equipment to our client.  They are in Sweden.  So the shipping company wants the Schedule B number AKA Harmonized Tariff Schedule number classifying the equipment.  Apparently it is a number identifying the category of the item you are exporting/importing.  So I find telecom equipment is in chapter 85 of the "Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (2009)"  What's in chapter 84?

Oh just nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and such,  Wait a second!  Nuclear Reactors?
Yes indeed:

Yes indeed,  Schedule B number of 8401.10.0000 with a tariff of 3.3%  So when you import your reactor,  be sure to label it with the proper Schedule B number and be ready to pay 3.3%.  BTW,  Misc. Telecom equipment is 8517.62.0050.  Maybe I should switch the numbers?



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2 Responses to A true WTF Matey Moment

  1. Lord Kalvan says:

    Can you imagine the Chaos that would cause šŸ™‚

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