I Can Has Nu Truk?

The short answer is:  No

Well we had started think about replacing my trusty stead:

Especially with the cash for clunkers deal.  I have had the Blazer for 6 years,  its been good buts it is starting to show its age.  Part of it is it is made from 3 different Blazers,  Well 4 if you count the wheels.  The tires need replacing,  the heater is gone, the front end needs aligning,  the driver's side door needs new hinges etc.

I decided on a new Colorado pickup by Chevrolet.  I want 4×4 and the bigger motor just like my old Blazer.  Problem is there are none in Lexington.  The closest (Black 4×4) is in Florence,  or so I think:   

I arrange to take a Wednesday afternoon and and go test drive it and maybe buy.  I have all my paperwork to guarantee the execution of my Blazer under CARS,  I even am pre-approved for a loan.  Got the down payment in my checking account.  I call during lunch break,  and it takes most of lunch break for the dealer to determine that they sold it the previous day.

So I find another in North Carolina and a 2008 model new in Pennsylvania.  Well before that long of a trip,  I decide I should test drive one.  The local dealer has the 2 wheel drive, manual shift Colorado in stock.  I drive there on a Saturday, and look around.  I spend about 15 minutes looking at a white one.  They had left it unlocked.  Sit in it and such,  seems nice,  good leg room etc.  No salesman anywhere.  Strange.  Get out and look at the red one.  Its identical.  The doors are locked on it.  Go back to the white one,  now the doors are locked on it.  WTF?  Well I know I am not wanted.

So the Pennsylvania dealer sends me pictures of the 2008 model they have and its a beauty:

But while I am talking to the saleswoman on the phone about my trade-in (the 2008 does not qualify for the CARS program),  another salesperson is busy selling it!

So I decide again to at least test drive the 2 wheel drive model to see if I like it.  Now even those have been sold in Lexington (4 in 1 week).

So in addition No I can't has Nu Truk,  I can even test drive Nu Truk.  Never had this much problem spending money. life,  I guess I wait for the 2010 models.

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2 Responses to I Can Has Nu Truk?

  1. Lord Kalvan says:

    I rather just have MY truck appear sans salesperson šŸ™‚

  2. Lauri says:

    That would be SO nice, wouldn't it? But, unfortunately….salespeople are still essential!

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