Goodbye dotPhoto

Just got this in an email from dotPhoto:

And this:

Nice choices eh?  Anyway, 

Anyway they are upgrading:

Why upgrade to the new dotPhoto?

dotPhoto is moving our photo storage to the Amazon S3 Service, the leading "cloud computing" service selected by IBM as its cloud computing partner. Perhaps you have read about cloud computing: this powerful new server architecture enables dotPhoto to save your photos in three physical locations, and to make your photo collection more secure than ever before. In addition to upgrading storage, we've recently added new products and services, lowered shipping rates, and improved our customer service system.

We hope that you'll upgrade to the new dotPhoto service. It's only $19.99 or free of charge by trying one of our partner's sponsored offers!

They had deleted my pictures before when I had not read the fine print and changed 1 setting.  By choosing the free Pro pack then,  my pics would be deleted after 90 days.  And now this.  Goodbye dotPhoto.

BTW,  I always keep back ups.

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1 Response to Goodbye dotPhoto

  1. Lauri says:

    Boooooo. Good on ya for the backups. Who needs dotphoto anyhoo?!

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