Third part of Another Installment of “What is Lord Kalvan Building Now?”

Well I figured I would be finished by now but ran into some problems.  First,  the lumber yard did not have enough straight 1×2 oak boards.  So I decided to to do it temporarily with pine.  I bought a 1×4 and ripped it into 1x2s.  So its partially finished.  I need to add 2x2s between the 1x2s.  I have a 2×4 I will be ripping for that.  But today,  my knee is bothering me and I don't feel like dragging the table saw out of the storage building.

Basically just a heavy duty tripod.    I plan on redoing the legs in oak.  The 2x2s will be the same length so the height will be about 2/3s higher.  I will have to add a chain to keep the legs from spreading.  Rubber boots on the 2×2 for anti-skid.  On a previous tripod, I used t-brackets to hold the 1x2s and a bolt to press fit into the 2×2 for adjusting the height.  I hope to use brass plate for the oak legs.  On the pine,  I am just going to bolt them together.

For those who went to squee 2009,  on top is the manfrotto tripod head I bought.

Uses:  mainly for my spotting scope when I do not want to use the EQ mount.  Also of course for photography with large lenses or attachments.

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5 Responses to Third part of Another Installment of “What is Lord Kalvan Building Now?”

  1. Tito says:

    Nice head! You gonna give it a little color or plain wooden finish?The head comes with a … mmmm… green bubble thingie?

  2. Lord Kalvan says:

    I am just going to put polyurethane on it. I am going to put thin oak trim on the plywood edges/ And yes the head has two levels built in.

  3. Lurkertype says:

    The Mr. is disappointed. Says it's too boring.

  4. Lord Kalvan says:

    😦 Hopefully the next project will be more entertaining. I have discussed with a coworker about making cat exercise wheels…..

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