NaBloPoMo – DEC Professional 350

YAPDP – yes indeed this is a PDP11 but in a nifty all in one desktop case.  DEC responded to the success of the IBM PC with a trio of desktop computers aimed at different markets.  The Professional 350 (Pro-350) was a PDP11 on the desktop with a hard drive. It was released in 1982. The Pro-325 was similar but did not have the hard drive.  Both used the F11 processor used in the PDP11/23 but they used a totally different bus.  The Pro series were well made systems but were expensive and did not have near the business software base that the IBM PC did.  Hence they flopped in the market place.  The higher end version (Pro-380) survived as consoles on high performance VAX systems.  This system was given to me by a coworker.  It had a fried powersupply cable.  I made a new one and upped the memory.

The system typically consisted of the base unit,  a LK201 keyboard and a monochrome VR201 monitor.  Color monitors were available.  Bit mapped graphics was supported.  One of my VR201 monitors died the ugly death,  it a capacitor leak all over the place.  My other one (shown) has a de-lamination issue on the protection over the CRT.  Time to go LCD I guess.

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