NaBloPoMo – TRS 80 MC-10 (Micro Color Computer)

Another lowest cost 8-bit computer from the early 80s.  This one is a MC-10 or better known as the Tandy Micro Color Computer.  It used a Motorola 6803 processor and had a whopping 4K.  It was the little brother to the Tandy Color Computer.  While better in many aspects than the Timex Sinclair,  it came out a bit later and never sold near as well.  Featured include the 4KB of main RAM,  a serial port,  color graphics, cassette report,  a keyboard with actual keys and a 16 KB expansion option.  It had its own video chip (Motorola MC6847) and ran at 0.89 MHz.  So probably a better deal than the Timex Sinclair which actually had to use CPU cycles to draw the screen.

This one was given to me by a coworker after he found out I collect odd computers.  It appears to work.  The display on the LCD TV is not so crisp.

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  1. Jim Gerrie says:

    There are a bunch of user for this nifty little 8-bit computer on Yahoo. Please come join us:

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