NaBlPoMo – Tandy Color Computer 2

My first computer was a TRS-80 Color Computer with a whopping 4K of RAM.  It had a Motorola 6809E processor running at 0.89 MHz.   I paid the list price of $399.  And it could do little than play games and BASIC programs.  But I did indeed program it alot.  At some point I got a Color Computer 2 with 64K.  I gave the original one to my niece.  Mariser typed a term paper on the Color Computer 2 attached to a DECwriter II.  Both eventually died.  This example I traded a PDP11 board for just to have a Color Computer again.

In all,  the Color Computer line (versions 1 through 3) never made it big time but actually stay on the market for over a decade (1980 to 1991).  Sometime during the production run of version 2,  the name went from TRS-80 to Tandy Color Computer.  They were somewhat slow but did have color graphics and a bunch of accessories.  The joysticks were unusual for two reasons.  First they were analog potentiometers.  IE they were analog as opposed to the Commodore and Atari directional only switch based units.  And they did not auto return to center.  Push it forward and it stayed forward.

Perhaps I should try finding a Color Computer 3 with drives some day.

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