NaBloPoMo – OSI Challenger 4P

Here is an Ohio Scientific Challenger 4P (C4P).  It used the faster version of the 6502 processor (Apple and Commodore used the standard version) had lots of RAM (for the time) and all sorts of ports built in.  Nevertheless,  it had no expansion slots.  Hence no 3rd party add in cards.  It was released in the Fall of 1979 and the Apple II+ was released a few months earlier in the Spring.  It never could catch up.

This one was a friends first computer (he also had the Black Apple).  He had used it for years before upgrading to the Apple.  I would imagine the upgrade was actually the diskette system of the Apple and RAM as the specs on the C4P were better otherwise.  But the C4P did have the nifty wood sides.

Unfortunately while in good cosmetic condition,  BASIC will not come up.  It did last time I had it powered up.  I guess time for troubleshooting.

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