NaBloPoMo – The First Casualty – HP87XM

Today we have an HP87XM and the first casualty of NaBloPoMo.  Yep my right knee buckled and I dropped it as I was taking it out of the shed.  Luckily,  the damage seems to be just one crystal.  So it should be an easy fix as soon as I find a replacement.

Anyway,  the HP87XM was the highest development of the HP Series 80s.  It had a built in screen,  HP-IB bus and 128 kilobytes of RAM.  As you can see from the pictures,  it does not have alot of circuitry.  It is indeed an overgrown calculator.  Just one board for the computer and the rest for the monitor and keyboard.

I obtained this sample like many others at a University of Kentucky Surplus Auction.

Notice the unusual CRT

Yep,  that is gold on the chips indeed.

Good shot of the crystal I damaged.

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2 Responses to NaBloPoMo – The First Casualty – HP87XM

  1. dewitte says:

    Oh, that's a total bummer. It might give you a chance to clean up a bit, though. When I first moved into our house, I put my old Model IV in the garage. It had not used it in years and I was happy to have a nice place for it. About 4 years later I said "Hey, let's boot it up!" When I did, a bunch of blue smoke came out ("dammit – don't let the blue smoke out!") and well, that was it. It looks like maybe the main circuit board actually had mold on it. Ugh. It was good – I was finally able to get it out of the garage a free up the space.

  2. Lord Kalvan says:

    The case was not screwed down and when my knee gave out, the case came off and hit the crystal and ribbon cables. It worked briefly. Hopefully the crystal is a common part. Once I killed a Model II putting the top case back on and hit the yoke. At that point it was trash can time.

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