NaBloPoMo – HP Omnibook 600C

The HP Omnibook 600C was released in the mid 90s. The interesting thing about it is what it is not.  It not a calculator/PDA and it is not a fullsized laptop.  It has a 9.5 inch display and weighs under 4 pounds.  It is an early netbook!  Of course there was no wireless……

Its basically a 486DX machine at 75 MHz with a LCD screen, 8 meg RAM running Windows 3.1.  The hard drive is a PCMCIA hard drive at 171 MB.  Real hard drive too.  The mouse pops out from the side (the mouse buttons don't work on mine).  No floppy and no CD-ROM.  Just like a netbook but in 1996!

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1 Response to NaBloPoMo – HP Omnibook 600C

  1. Mr. Guilt says:

    I used to work for a company as an IT contractor. We used to be issued laptops. As the pool aged, they were trying to figure out what to do.

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