NaBloPoMo – TRS-80 Pocket Computer

Well I debated about whether this counted as a computer or not and I finally decided it did.  It has 1.9 K RAM and a QWERTY keyboard.

Anyway,  it is also known as the Radio Shack PC-1, Tandy PC-1 or a rebadged Sharp PC1211.  It was released in 1980. I think I bought my on clearance in 1982 and used it for physics classes.  I was given another one just recently.  It belonged to Big Rivers Electric Cooperative and was found in a battery factory.  The price on the box is $170!

Anyway,  it functioned nicely as a calculator.  You could type and edit the expressions algebraically.  Also you could use variables.  And the BASIC capability was nice too.  I have the printer attachment somewhere around the house.

Unfortunately both have the display rot common to the series.  The Big Rivers one actually still has working batteries.

Mine from College:

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