NaBloPoMo – Digital Equipment Corporation VT-220

The VT-220 was a followup to the VT-100.  It had the same screen size (I think they are the same).  But it was way smaller.  The VT-220 was introduced in 1983.  What a difference 5 years made.  It also had a video out so you could hook it to your big screen tv I guess.  And some,  this one included,  had the 20ma interface option.  It also had a serial printer output.  On a DB9 (DE9 for you purists).  However this was a different pinout that IBM chose to use on the IBM-AT in 1984.  Also the LK-201 keyboard was introduced.  It had the function keys on top like modern keyboards.  It was perhaps the first to do so.  It interfaced to the VT-220 with a modular cord,  the same as a telephone handset but heavier gauge wire.  It was also used on the PRO 300 series,  some Vaxstations and the followups to the VT220.  I think the VT-220 defined what we think of as a terminal more so than the VT-100.

This sample was bought from the University of Kentucky and bounced around our lab for years afterwards.  It needs a good cleaning.

And we connected but then got disconnected.    Should I call tech support?

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5 Responses to NaBloPoMo – Digital Equipment Corporation VT-220

  1. mariser says:

    Should I call tech support?that should be a barrel of laughs. please do.

  2. grantalias says:

    I love how digital is in the name plate. Like digital was such a new thing it was a selling point. You don't see Apple pushing their Digital iPhone 3GS.

  3. Lurkertype says:

    If you can find DEC tech support, you have crossed over into an alternate universe. Let us know what else is different.

  4. statico says:

    These are some great pictures of the VT220. Would you be willing to license them under Creative Commons? I’d love to use one for a personal project (and give you full attribution of course).

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