NaBloPoMo – Digital Equipment Corporation VT240

Well VOX managed to kill my post so lets try this again.

The Digital Equipment Corporation VT240 terminal was the monochrome graphics capable version of the VT2xx series terminals.  The VT241 was the color version.  Both were the same base unit,  just one shipped with a monochrome monitor and the other shipped with a color monitor.  They support ReGIS and Tektronics graphics.  ReGIS being the DEC graphics format which was also supported on the earlier VT125 and GIGI terminals.  I spent the morning trying to find a file to display.  But couldn't.  But maybe I will create one later.

The VT240 consisted of a base unit, a keyboard such as the LK201 and a monitor such as the VR201.  It actually used a stripped down PDP-11 processor (T-11).  Thus you could use a terminal with a PDP-11 processor to connect to a PDP-11 with  well a PDP-11 processor.  The VT220 used an Intel processor as its main cpu.

On the rear of the base unit you have the RS232 communications port, an 20 mA current loop port, a composite video output on a BNC connector, a video output port on a DB15 connector with monochrome and color along with power, a printer port and the keyboard port.

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  1. Lauri says:

    You have an amazing brain, Lord K! Happy Thanksgiving to all ! 😀

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