NaBloPoMo – A Tale of Two VAXes or Digital Equipment Corporation VAXstation 4000 VLC

Well I have two VAXstation 4000 VLC computers.  One with good video and one without.  So I had to find out which one.  Well both were configured as microvaxes without a built in console.  Next was to remember how to get the video working (S3 is down idiot) and try again.  Then there was the problem with the password.  But I did remember it after a bit and booted VMS 7.2 for the first time in years.  And yes my password had expired and thus I had to change it.

The VAXstation 4000 VLC was physically the smallest VAX made.  I think its smaller than the VAXstation 2000.  Anyway,  the Vaxstation 4000 VLC has a performance rating of 6 VUPs.  A VUP is a VAX performance unit.  1 VUP is equal to the original VAX 11/780.  Yep this pizza box is 6 times faster than the multirack Vax11/780.  Ain't technology great.  The VAX 11/780 was introduced in 1977 and the smallest configuration took two equipment frames.  It supported a maximum memory of 8 MB and required 3 phase.  The VAXstation 4000 VLC was introduced in 1991, about the size of a small pizza box and supported a  maximum of 24 MB of memory and would work off a single 110 outlet.

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