Amazon can’t get anything right this time of year!

I ordered a reindeer doe and this is definitely not a reindeer.  Not only did they get the species wrong,  they got the gender wrong too!  Now what I am going to use for my Christmas Display?

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11 Responses to Amazon can’t get anything right this time of year!

  1. crankypants says:

    tee hee! Stevie, you kook. At least the yeems will light the way for santa's sleigh!

  2. Lurkertype says:

    guess Steven Eliz. is gonna be on the lawn draped in lights, then.

  3. Lauri says:

    I am sure Stevie will be happy to help out…..lights gnawed apart, two for the price of one!

  4. brownamazon says:

    They got the gender wrong, too…

  5. Lord Kalvan says:

    Somehow I don't think Steven will sit still long enough for the lights to be draped on him

  6. Aubrey says:

    Something tells me that some duct tape and felt antlers is the only answer.

  7. mad-tante says:

    I likes me that cat bettern an old doe anyhoo.

  8. Laurie says:

    Stevie can fly better than any magic reindeer. I've seen th e photos of him flying around the kitchen.

  9. Lord Kalvan says:

    I don't think I would survive…..

  10. Lord Kalvan says:

    Indeed he can fly quite well.

  11. YGRS says:

    Whatever you paid Amazon for the doe, you definately got better merchandise than what you paid for. If you don't want that Stevie kitty, pack him back up & ship him up here to me!

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