A Well Stocked Pantry

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7 Responses to A Well Stocked Pantry

  1. brownamazon says:

    iz ok–iz guarding ur Fritos.

  2. YGRS says:

    I'm glad to see you've got the important items! =^;^=

  3. TreeSweater says:

    Hehe! He's ready to smack you if you even think about getting close to his salmon!

  4. rpennefe says:

    *runs to pantry*
    *looks high and low*
    Well, where in the world is my pantry cat?

  5. Lurkertype says:

    I'd have a pantry tortie if I let her.Yours looks pretty ferocious. She's got that tortie thing happening too.

  6. Lord Kalvan says:

    Only the most well stocked pantries have pantry cats

  7. Lord Kalvan says:

    She can be very ferocious. Razor sharp claws and she ain't afraid to use them.

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