Saturday Ham Radio Project

Well,  I needed to figure out how to mount an antenna on the new truck.  Definitely no holes!  And magnet mounts scratch the paint.  So I mounted it in one of the boards in the bed.  Simple project for a Saturday and if the Huskie puppy would have stayed home,  Hank and I would have enjoyed the afternoon.  SWR came out to about 2:1  Not too bad I guess.

The truck bed before installation:

Bottom of board showing mount

Bottom of board showing cable slot

Top of board showing ground plane radials

All painted and installed

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6 Responses to Saturday Ham Radio Project

  1. YGRS says:

    hello!The installation job you did looks totally awesome, Lord K. You did a really nice professional looking job. But I'm just wondering — wouldn't it have been preferable to put the antenae towards the side or cab side more, so it doesn't take up so much usable room in the bed of your truck??? my brother was a ham — he was always fascinated by it. His call letters were K3HLN. What are your call letters? If you've been doing this for awhile, any chance in the world you bumped into him on the air years ago???

  2. Lord Kalvan says:

    Ygrs, thanks! The positioning was more for technical reasons than convenience. I did not want it toward the cab as I did not want the cab or me to be in the near-field of the antenna. Its centered left to right for aesthetic and technical reasons. I wanted 19.5 inch radials on each side of the vertical. They are embedded in the wood. So went ahead and centered it. On the plus side, I can remove the vertical easily. I never bumped into you brother on the air. I have not had my license near as long. I had been active on HF but not heavily. My call is KI4ENS. BTW, your brothers webpage at QSL.NET is still up. You should get your license.

  3. YGRS says:

    hello again! You know — I figured it had to do with radio reception, but I hadn't realized it was removable. So when you need the bed of the truck for hauling stuff, you can just remove the antenae… I should have realized that. But seriously — you did a really nice clean job! &:o) thank you very much for the link to Dick's webpage! (his ham friends knew him as Dave.) I knew him & his family had a website but I didn't realize he had his own ham webpage. I'll have to check it out. He was 10 years older than me, so he was a ham as long as I knew him! He loved it. He did all kinds of events with the local club he was in – and he talked to people from all over the world. I guess that was the predecessor of Vox and facebook, huh!? I'm sure you must be enjoying it too! I never saw myself becoming a ham. I'm still wishing to get a personal computer one of these days so I can be online all the time. &:o)

  4. YGRS says:

    oh my god! hey thank you for the website addy! I'm sitting here looking through it and it just has my brother written all over it! All the pictures – I'm enjoying looking at it all. He loved being a ham soooo much. The picture of his first car that he attached antenae and his radio to — it was such a MASSIVE old piece of metal! 1951 plymouth station wagon – clutch with the stick shift on the steering wheel column – that's the car I learned how to drive in! And the pictures of his bedrooms with all of his radio equipment – that's what I remember his bedrooms looking like! LINED with equipment and STUFF everywhere you turned. &:o) And his attention (obsession?) to detail.Dick died in 2006 from a heart attack. He was an awesome big brother. I really miss him. Thank you again for the website addy, LK.&:o)

  5. Lord Kalvan says:

    A couple more links:His FCC listingHis Page at QRZ He updated it sometime after Monday June 19, 2006 Announcement by his ham friends of his deathDo a google search on his call sign, there are lots of references to him.

  6. YGRS says:

    Thank you very much LK.(((big hugs)))

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