Tax Day

Tax day is upon us and I was thinking,  cool I have finished my taxes and mailed them 2 days ago.  So when I came home I found this in the mail:

Yep I forgot to put the label on so it was "Returned for Better Address"  Damn it,  it says "Department of the Treasury" and "Internal Revenue Service Center"  What more do they want??????

Apparently "Austin Tx"

And yes they canceled my stamps….  So off to the Post Office I go.  The main one on the other side of town since its after 5 and its April 15.  Drive pass the Tea party people protesting on Main Street,  through the projects and to the Post Office.

Two lines.  One long line for the clerks and one medium line for the machine.  The machine does either exact postage or books of 18 stamps.  It takes only credit cards and debit cards.  I need 2 stamps but hey can always use the rest for bills.  One woman asks to buy a stamp from me.  She gives me 50 cents.  Another woman pays me a dollar for two stamps.  A man pays me a dollar for one stamp.  I decide I should go before I get into trouble.  Hey I made a profit and made some people a little happier.

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5 Responses to Tax Day

  1. mariser says:

    the last paragraph had me concerned for a while….snopes to the rescue! it is NOT illegal to sell postage stamps at higher than face value.

  2. Catalina says:

    Glad you made the deadline! Next year, I am going to have to find a new tax guy myself – one who doesn't take off on April 11th for vacation.

  3. TreeSweater says:

    Wow, you could have made a killing selling stamps!I don't even remember how much stamps cost these days. (I just get the Forever stamps.)

  4. Lord Kalvan says:

    I decided to quit making a profit before I got into trouble. Stamps are 44 cents. I was making between 6 cents and 56 cents a stamp. All in about two minutes. Damn good annual rate of return.

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